Friday, 28 August 2015

How to order Colourpop to the UK.

Colourpop is taking social media by storm. And no wonder. The products are incredible. The prices are dirt cheap and the packaging is adorable. 

But if you live in the UK you will know the torture of it being difficult to get. They don't ship here which is hugely frustrating. Lots of us are willing to pay the heightened shipping fees and potential customs charges for foreign brands but Colourpop don't even give us the option. Heartbreaking. 

I'm happy to pay the elevated costs on Depop to be honest. I love the brand. My friend Aisha got me a Colourpop order for my birthday this year, via a friend in the U.S. and I was hooked. To be honest, most depop sellers charge fair prices. £10 plus postage for the Ultra Matte collection is fair given the delivery and custom charges, and the quality is so good. 

Being me though, I wanted about twelve more shades of Ultra Matte than I already had. And finding a seller who had all of them was impossible. So I decided to do my own order. 

So many people on depop and Instagram have asked how I got Colourpop to the uk so I thought I'd share my experience. I got lots of advice from lovely girls on depop who had ordered so just passing on the wisdom here! 

Basically, the Colourpop site will only ship to a U.S or Australian address. But if you aren't lucky enough to have a stateside friend, there are ways and means. 

I used a site called mymallbox. You register for free, and along the top banner of your homepage after registering, you will see a U.S. address. That's yours! 

You then complete the Colourpop checkout system, but you enter that U.S. address instead of your own as the billing/ delivery address. I ordered around £200 of stuff, meaning shipping was free to the mymallbox address. 

It was a bit strange after, as I heard literally nothing for over a fortnight. No one contacted me from either company. 

Basically Colourpop are experiencing high demand just now and are running a little slow. It can take up to ten business days to even process your order. So a fortnight in total for me. 

I got a shipping confirmation from Colourpop and three days later, mymallbox emailed to say they'd recieved a parcel for me. 

I then logged on to my mymallbox account, and requested they ship to me at my UK address. This was £35 in total, and delivery was through DHL Express. 

It took two days, meaning the quickest part of shipping was the USA to UK part! Strange, but never mind. 

It arrived safely, and I was luckily spared customs for a change. Although I'm dubious, because I recently got a demand letter for a customs charge on a diycosmetics order I recieved THREE weeks ago. I didn't even know they could charge customs AFTER delivery but turns out they can. 

So pretty! 

I mean, £35 isn't cheap but it's not extortionate. I guess if you split with others, you could even be paying regular delivery charges of about £5-£10 each and just get it all in one order. 

I've heart a few people also use shipitto as a courier service the same way, but I went with these guys because the first depop girl to respond had used them so I felt safer! 

Hope this helps, and here are the ultra matte swatches and the new Strobing kit to tempt you even more. 

Colourpop Solow is perfection. 

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rebecca said...

Isn't MyMallbox good - I've used it 4 times now and every time has been absolutely seamless! We were a little confused before we used the service, however they were so helpful. ColourPop is such a great brand too so that it's great that there are ways of getting it over here. As for the customs, it sounds a little odd to me. I've done lots of orders from the US and usually they ask for customs when the parcel has arrived at customs and I do it over the phone, then they release the parcel. I've never been asked to pay it after the parcel has arrived! X

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