Sunday, 21 December 2014

Naked on the Run

Sooooo this was in my Christmas wishlist, and I bought it for myself while Christmas shopping because I'm selfish and needed it. 

Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette. 

£37 in Debenhams. 

I didn't realise this was so cheap to be honest. I thought it was around £50!

I'm actually not a huge fan of the packaging. Which is unlike me. 

I am a fan of how useful this palette is in terms of being a multi-use product. 

Inside it has five eyeshadows, all very neutral, workable shades that can be used for a natural eye, a smoky eye or a party look which I think is really useful. 

It also has a bronzer, and it's a great shade for me, because I don't tend to use bronzer, and this may be converting me. It's a very soft and gentle shade which suits me far better. 

The little highlighter is also great, and is very creamy in texture given that it's a powder. 

The blush may be my favourite. It's such a pretty colour and I was genuinely really surprised by how complimentary this colour was on my skin tone. I must be terrible at picking blushers, because this is the second one I've gotten recently that I've thought would be awful on me and I've really suited. I'm now branching out in blusher shades and am eagerly awaiting my first Tarte Amazonian clay blush arrival which I think may be very similar to this. 

It also has three more cult classic products from Urban Decay. The 24/7 eyeliner kohl pencil, a Naked lipgloss and a mascara. 

Eyeliner isn't something I wear regularly, but now that I've found I suit it better without colour or shadow on my eyes, I'm trying it more. Lipgloss, I also don't usually wear but after falling in love with Orgasm from Nars, this one may be another new try for me. 

Perversion mascara is a product I've been desperate to try. Mostly because I love makeup products with slightly suggestive or naughty names. Because I'm a bit cheeky like that! 

When I opened it, I was dissapointed as I'm not a fan of the old traditional mascara wands with bristles. However, this does work for me quite well. I envisioned it being very full on and it's not. It seperates my lashes really well, and gives them a lot of natural looking length. The only thing I don't like about this is that it struggles to reach the tiny lashes from my inner corners. My lashes here are very blonde and I like a mascara that catches them easily which this doesnt really. 

Overall, this is a useful palette. While it's a little big to call 'transportable' it's still a good buy for weekends away and things. Rather than carrying a full naked eye palette (which I'm terrified of doing because I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they end up smashed and crumbled to death) or mac quad along with contour kits, mascaras and lip products, you could get away with this, a base and a couple of core brushes. 

Also, it encouraged me to get a new Debenhams beauty card which I've needed for a while. I got a lot of points in store due to a few deals they had on. I think I spent around £130 so got lots for that and also got a £5 giftcard and £10 worth of points for spending £80 on YSL products. Happy happy days! 

I also asked the Urban Decay girl for some advice because I recently purchased their Naked skin illuminating beauty balm. When I opened this I was horrified as the product looks like a cakey, bright orange paste. However she assures me that it's not going to apply like that and that the formula sort of disappears and melts into your skin and moulds to your own skin tone. I'm yet to try it so only time will tell I guess!!! If anyone has experience of this product I'd love to hear about it. 




terrileanne x said...

i spot ysl fusion ink foundation ;) xxx

Kirstie Barlow said...

Well only the best after your suggestion. Not sure about the shade and stuff. Need to try it properly!

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