Monday, 29 December 2014

New Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection.

Well it's been a while since RT brought out something as new and exciting as this. While I loved my Sam's Picks collection in November, I have to admit I started to feel as though RT were just changing the names and handle colours of brushes we have seen before. 

Last week, there was a bit of a buzz in the blogosphere from our friends in America who gave us a heads up on the latest release from RT. And this time, it's all new and all exciting. 

You can sign up to the waiting list on the Boots website (I've already done this. As soon as it was announced...I'm over keen) and apparently these are rumoured to be available around the end of January. I'm yet to find a concrete source on the release date so don't quote me.

I've also heard  that these will be limited and ultra exclusive. And pricy unfortunately. Some people are saying £25 per brush. This may be being confused with the American dollar prices, but still is confusing. 

Over in the states, 

Salsatapatia0126 on Instagram posted this when she spotted the brushes available in an American drug store. 

Also this, 


The flat contour brush up close. I think this is easily going to be the most popular. It looks like a nifty little alternative to the Nars 'ITA' brush that no one can ever get hold of as it's permanently out of stock. 

Also worry noting is that while in packaging, the handles look like they end in a point, this is apparantly just the effect of the packaging and not the brush design. 

Need. Need. Need. 

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