Sunday, 4 January 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection Review.

The wait is over! 

Real Techniques Bold Metals collection was released last week! 

When I got the email, I hurriedly got onto Boots to check them out, and of course to buy them. 

I planned to buy the full collection. But it turns out that the rumours were in fact true. These brushes were priced really high. Starting from £10 for a liner brush, right up to £25 for the bigger face brushes. Ouch. 

I have to be honest, while I LOVE real techniques, the main reason I love them is that they are professional quality tools, at prices we can ALL afford. If we could all afford £25 for each brush in our lot.... Wouldn't we all just buy Mac and Sigma?

I just didn't think the new collection were as perfectly suited to my needs as their standard collections...and I spent £140 on Zoeva brushes the same day (review will be up soon)  So, with a heavy heart, I ordered just two of them and left the rest. 

From the chat on the blogosphere, Depop and Instagram after the release, it looked like a lot of people were bypassing these long awaited brushes due to the price tag. So I thought sales were going to be dissapointing and not what RT had anticipated when releasing the line. However, these have now mostly sold out everywhere, so perhaps not. 

I collected these yesterday after ordering online. I got the 300 Tapered Blush and the 201 Pointed Crease. The blush is part of the 'finishing brushes' and is rose gold, while the crease is an 'eye brush' so it's silver. 

And I know there's a lack of pictures surfing around so I've taken a bunch for anyone who wants a closer look. 

So. The verdict. 

I feel like this is total blasphemy. But honestly? I'm unimpressed. 

These are pretty to look at. They are gorgeous. The handles are much longer than any other brush I own and the handles are much more weighted which allegedly makes them more professional and easy to work with than a standard lightweight, shorter makeup brush. 

The tapered bristles are intended to make them good at buildable application, while a tapered handle should be easy to slot in a pro-MUA brush belt and give more control. 

The fibre bristles ARE very soft. But white. And very white. So these are likely to be a bitch to clean. 

They are also very dense brushes. The tapered blush in particular is very densely packed out with bristles. And weirdly, this is my greatest problem with them. 

They are so densely packed, that they swipe OFF my base, rather than blushing over. And I AM being gentle. They remove more makeup than they apply.  It's the most bizarre thing.

I don't know if I'm just resentful of the thing costing me £24 or if I am just underwhelmed by it's performance. But I don't for a second think this brush was worth it's cost. In fact, every other Real Techniques brush (and I do own every single brush) massively outdoes this in terms of performance. They obviously also trump it in value, as even the 5/6 brush sets cost less than this individually. 

The crease brush is just an anticlimax. It's ok. But it's no better in my opinion than any other standard eye shadow brush. It comes nowhere close to the blending abilities of a Mac 217, or anything else I've used. 

I am dissapointed with the collection. And despite how pretty these are, I honestly wouldn't reccomend spending this much on them. And sadly I won't be buying the rest. Maybe if I had the money just to have them because they are 'limited' and nice to display... But other than that, these are a bit of a rip off for what they are. 

Sorry guys!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your honest opinion! I was leaning towards not buying them because RT will always be a drugstore brand in my mind. I'd much rather use the same amount of money to buy a high end brush.

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