Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Depotting mac eyeshadows.

I did a much more detailed post on this last year. 

But just a quick reminder post of the easiest way I've found for depotting single Mac eyeshadows into a pro palette. 

You need the following items. 

Hair straighteners. 
Nail scissors. 
The shadow. 
The palette. 

First, you slip the plastic pan out from the plastic casing. I found this remarkably more difficult today than usual. That little baby did not want to budge. Please be really careful, because it's sometimes a bit of a fiddly job and there are scissors involved. Most of the time it comes away quite easily. 

You stick the pointed end of the scissors into the line where the pan and casing are seperate, and prise the pan out. 

You then lay foil across the iron of the straighteners, and (with tweezers, To avoid a burn) you place the pan on the foil. 

Leave the pan on the heat for around 2/3 minutes. This melts the glue holding the metal pan to the plastic. 

When you smell the glue melting, remove the pan, and gently poke the pointed end of the scissors into the back of the pan just slightly. 

This should push the metal pan out. Please be carefull with this part of the process too. The glue is very hot, and I got a little burn on my finger from being clumsy. 

Place the pan down to cool. 

I took the time to remove the shade sticker from the back of the casing. 

You can then stick a small magnet to the back of the pan, to easily add it to your palette. 


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