Thursday, 12 February 2015

Zoeva Pink Elements Set


Couldn't resist. 

I feel obliged to own every Zoeva set released. 

They are all beautiful, fantastic quality, and excellent value for money. 

I. Need. Them. All. 

Zoeva Pink Elements. Beautybay. £55

There were quite a few brushes in this collection that I already owned the rose gold or traditional blue-black versions of. But this set, like them all, is worth every penny. 

(Sorry most had been used before I took individual photos, so aren't clean)

104 Buffer Brush

I do love a buffer brush, or any foundation brush with a 3D head. This is wonderful for finishing off foundation, and also great for using mineral powder form bases. I've been using this to buff and blend my Dior BB cream and I'm loving it. This is the only brush from the set I didn't already have and it's really what tempted me! It's bristles are do dense yet so soft!

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush

A beautifully soft, angled blusher brush. The angle cut of the bristles gives a really defined blush application. It's also perfect for applying highlighting powders in my opinion. 

109 Luxe Face Brush

This is a brush I've already blogged about when I bought the blue version. I adore it. I use this to blend and soften a contour line. I use my bold metals real technique flat contour brush to apply a contour, but it leaves a very bold line, and this just really blends it out beautifully and makes it a little more subtle. 

227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush 

I had two rose gold ones of this, as it came in the classic rose gold set and the eye set. It's probably the eye brush I use the least as I prefer the more oval, domed brushes. 

230 Luxe Pencil Brush

My absolute favourite Zoeva eye brush. This shape is one I've not really seen in other brands. It's so petite, and so defined in it's application. I use this to apply my crease colour, and it is just perfect. I also use the tip point to apply colour under the bottom lash line. 

231 Luxe Petite Crease

Again, that lovely oval dome of bristles. Slightly less dense than the pencil brush. Love this more for applying base colour to my lids than as a crease brush. Also use the point to add a highlight shade to tear ducts and brow bone. 

317 Wing Liner Brush 

Adore. This brush is responsible for my love of gel liner. I have never liked gel liners, on account of the standard pointed brushes they come with. But since getting this and the rose gold fine liner brush, I now can't see past Mac fluidline pots and am building up a dangerous hoard of them. 

322 Brow line brush. 

Holy grail. Get this. The angled bristles are soft but dense and this makes eyebrow shaping SO much easier. 

And that's all of them. Little beauties. 




Emily Hannah said...

This set looks lovely! I really want to get the Rose Gold set so bad x

han // emandhan xo

Kirstie Barlow said...

The rose gold set is still my fav!

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