Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bleach London Pastel Hair Colours

My little sister is entirely to blame. 

We left her two babies with our boyfriends and went shopping. And she had this insane idea we should dye our hair a ridiculous colour in memory of the times I would dip dye the ends of her hair pink for her when she was a kid. 

So we delved into the world of Bleach London. 

Bleach London Aqua Monious Colour Kit trio. £7 

They have these little trio kits. So for £7 we got three bottles, which included the two we were drawn to. Becka liked the Blullini and I liked the Washed Up Mermaid. Sea Punk just came along for the ride to be honest. 

So it began. After a few drinks, we got to the dye. 

We both are naturally blonde, but both lighten our hair. So we had the foundations that Bleach London works best on, very light blonde hair. 

The little bottles contain 50ml. But due to the thick gel like consistency, we ended up cutting the bottles open to get all the contents out. Cue a lesson to my little sister from me that you must always cut open a product you think is finished because you will always find it's still half full. 

It does suggest you wear gloves. I wish I had listened. This stuff REALLY stains. It took so many products to get this off my hands. 

You apply this to shampooed (but not conditioned) towel dried hair. That was a hard job. I have very thick, curly, unruly locks that require a LOT of conditioner. Trying to get a comb through my wet hair without conditioner was impossible so I was worried that I'd go patchy on account of the fact I was applying directly to my somewhat tangled matted mane. Then we realised that since I was dyeing my hair green, patching was the least of my worries. 

You leave it on for fifteen minutes. 

Then you rinse off. There were no directions on whether to condition or not, but I don't really have a choice so I did. 

My first application resulted in this. 

It did go green. But nothing near the shade suggested in the advertising pictures. My sisters Blullini was even less obvious. 

I couldn't decide if I liked it. So we returned to boots the next day and bought the bigger bottles to re-do it. 

Bleach London 150ml £5

The second application, I used around 100ml, so two thirds of a big bottle and I left it for an hour, which is four times the recommended time. I figured, it's a non permanent so can't do much damage.  Then it really went green. 

So far... I've decided that the Bleach London craze looks beautiful for Instagram photos. But not so great in real life grown up situations where it's better not to have green hair. 

It's also proving very stubborn to remove. I've read a lot of reviews saying that the 'wash out' shampoo they do is really harmful to your hair and doesn't remove the blue and green shades well so I've been following advice from bloggers and using Head and Shoulders. I've scrubbed and scrubbed. I still have green hair. 

My advice would be to plan your timing better than me.

If you ARE going to dye your hair green, choose a time when you aren't enjoying the only annual visit from your sister where you want to take lots of photos but don't want to look ridiculous in them. Choose a time when you don't have a super important social work meeting at work where you want to look your most professional. Choose a time when your boyfriends parents aren't flying to the UK for one evening and taking you to a high end restaurant where you would probably rather not have green hair. And choose a time when you aren't about to go on a romantic break away and will take photos, again, where you'd rather not have green hair. 

If it says 15 minutes. Leave it 15 minutes. Not an hour. Unless you want it to really really stick. 

Fml. I have green hair. 


Katy Kader said...

personally I'd try colour b4 for pastel colours they sell it in boots for around £10 it got my red out x

Kirstie Barlow said...

Katy I tried already hun, and its destroyed my hair :( Seemingly it doesnt work as well on the greens and blues fml.I'll blog a post soon because im in hair-hell.

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